Mia Goth Is A Modern Horror Icon – Here Is why

Careful, spoilers ahead!

Prepare for a thrilling experience as we delve into the world of actress Mia Goth, who possesses a captivating countenance and an extraordinary talent for portraying assertiveness disguised as innocence. With her remarkable performances, Goth is on her way to becoming a rising horror icon.

From her roles in “Marrowbone” and “A Cure for Wellness” to “Suspiria” and “Pearl,” Goth’s ability to embody a leading lady in the horror genre is unparalleled. Her work is raw, authentic, and simultaneously enticing and unsettling. She truly personifies the essence of a modern horror icon, and she is well aware of it.

Set in the 1970s, the movie “X” (released in March 2022) follows a group of free-spirited young adults who rent a farm cabin to shoot a pornographic film. However, they encounter unexpected obstacles in the form of a puritanical elderly couple who own the property. As you might expect, chaos ensues.


Mia Goth brilliantly portrays two contrasting characters in the film. She takes on the role of Maxine, a young aspiring actress with dreams of stardom. In addition, she transforms into Pearl, the vengeful elderly woman seeking violent retribution against the filmmakers. Goth effortlessly transitions between an effortlessly beautiful, sexually liberated character and an older woman adorned with prosthetics, grappling with her diminishing femininity. In short, she flawlessly portrays both villain and supposedly victimized roles, all while skillfully disguising herself under layers of makeup.

First-time viewers may find themselves wondering about this enigmatic actress. Goth intentionally alters her movements, adopting a slow, almost off-balance gait when portraying Pearl. The true brilliance lies in Goth’s ability to create a sympathetic monster by drawing on the vulnerable and charismatic traits she displayed in “A Cure for Wellness” and “Suspiria.” Pearl longs for the youth and sexual liberation enjoyed by Maxine and the other adult film actors. She emerges as a unique slasher villain, not as physically imposing as Jason, Michael, or Freddy, but potentially even more perilous for the young film crew.

In her role as Maxine, Goth exudes confidence tinged with a touch of narcissism. Maxine dreams of becoming a star, and it is perhaps her inflated ego that ultimately saves her. Her beauty catches Pearl’s attention.

In the movie “Pearl” (2022), the eponymous character may not fulfill her desire to become a star, but Mia Goth certainly does. The entire film serves as a showcase for Goth’s exceptional talent. This prequel adds layers to the monster first introduced in “X.” Right from the beginning, Pearl is portrayed as the predator. Having already portrayed the older version of the character in “X,” Goth continues to exhibit her versatility as a horror icon, delivering yet another captivating and enthralling performance, filled with even more intensity.


So, aside from the fact that Goth plays both prey and predator, what sets her work apart from conventional slasher films?

Mia Goth skillfully reimagines the classic “final girl trope.” Typically, the final girl is the lone survivor of a slasher’s rampage. Numerous characters are introduced, each with one or two identifiable traits, and they are gradually picked off one by one. Traditionally, the final girl is portrayed as kind to the point of naivety, abstaining from substances despite her friends’ indulgences, and maintaining complete chastity. Her supposed moral superiority sets her apart as “better” than the other victims.

The audience is meant to view her survival as just and right, as she did not engage in drug use or sexual activities. In return for her virtuous behavior, she is typically rewarded with extended survival and a climactic confrontation with the killer. This confrontation usually ends in her favor, whether she defeats the killer, narrowly escapes with her life, or survives long enough to be rescued. The so-called “Scream Queen” archetype originated as a damsel in distress in the early days of horror cinema but evolved into a cautionary figure. In the ’70s and ’80s, she became the embodiment of virtue during the height of the slasher frenzy. Eventually, she morphed into something different, constantly subverting expectations.

The slasher genre has historically punished sexually liberated women while sparing those perceived as innocent. However, in “X,” hedonistic Maxine is far from a “perfect” victim, yet she is the only member of her group to survive. In the upcoming film “MaXXXine,” reportedly set after “X,” audiences will witness Maxine’s relentless pursuit of stardom.


Today, directors, writers, and actresses are pushing the boundaries of the scream queen label, refusing to confine or stereotype it. The scream queen possesses more bite than ever before and fearlessly bares her fangs. Alongside fellow actresses such as Anya Taylor-Joy, Samara Weaving, Jenna Ortega, Naomi Watts, and the Farmiga sisters, Mia Goth is spearheading the revolution of the scream queen, proving that her talent goes far beyond her physical appearance.

In short: Mia Goth’s performances are absolutely captivating, leaving audiences spellbound.