Margielas Fusion Sneaker

Martin Margiela is first and foremost about spirit! It is a stringent fashion house, making radical proposals beyond all conventional thinking, with a sense of provocation and independence of spirit. What we particularly love with him, is that he always expressed himself through his collections without ever revealing himself. He has

never put himself forward and has anonymously been creating clothing for women and men who displayed themselves daily. By introducing vintage elements into his creations, he brought light to ethical fashion, and acted as a precursor to recyclable well before the trend of green washing. As collectors of vintage garments, it was an evidence for us to focus on his work. 

The luxury fashion house underscored its unique design approach late last year with the launch of its new Fusion sneaker, which highlights a chaotic play of colors through stitched tape panels, supple leather, mesh and even directly applied translucent adhesive. Details include the unusual lacing system, the lacquered midsoles and the chunky yet slim rubber outsole.

The all over general reaction at the beginning almost was almost unitedly confused, nobody really knew if they found it aesthetically pleasing or simply irritating. But as the fashion house says, Maison Martin Margiela was originally all about the spirit and hands down, this sneaker is definitely a statement. Earlier this year they’ve launched a new color way in black and silver and we heard there’s more to come. 

What would you say ? Grail or nah ?