Juergen The Master Teller for Kiko Kostadinov x Asics

 Asics launched the new collaboration with the London-based designer Kiko Kostadinov  : the GEL-Korika is available from 16 November 2019 available in four color variations.

The shoe itself, the so-called gel-Korika, convinces as a kind of cross between gel nimbus 21 and the gel burst. Significant differences between men’s and women’s models can be seen especially in the color combinations. While the women’s sneakers tend to be more colorful and make use of purple, pink, violet and blue tones, the men’s variants are more gloomy and futuristic. These are reflected in the muted silver, gray metallic and black area. Compared to previous collaborations between Kiko and Asics, this mixture is almost commercial, because the 30-year-old designer with Bulgarian roots was the first to convince with completely unique and innovative silhouettes and was regarded as an incapable New Comer in the scene.

The current Lookbook for this very delicate collaboration shot Juergen the Master Teller. And if that was not all, he is also the absurd advertising face for the lookbook. The photographs look like snapshots of Teller’s last family vacation. Imprudent, clumsy, somehow funny. Although the sneakers are in the foreground with their well-chosen color combinations, Teller definitely gives his favorite shoe brand more attention with these photographs. The pictures were taken in a bathroom of a hotel room, in which a plate with oversized and very likable beer belly and fresh kicks poses on a scale. Or in a sunflower field, stretching the shoes with a frowning forehead. In my opinion, the most iconic of the series, Teller’s leg gracefully stretched out against a goose with a goose, which aggressively stares at him passively or, perhaps, jealously focuses his new Asics.

Not only do these images make you smile, they also hit the navel of time and are almost a modern masterpiece in their own right. We will certainly remember these iconic visual spouts and, hopefully, the collaboration of Asics and Kiko Kostadinov for a long time.

The Launch Party in Berlin’s Trauma Bar and Cinema Location titled “Do not Know How to Party” was also full of good humor, inspiring people and fantastic music by artists such as Pandora’s Jukebox, Bill Kouligas and M.E.S.H. embossed. A terrific lineup that perfectly reflects the spirit of the collaboration in the trauma bar.