Since 1989, the brand G-STAR RAW has been breaking the boundaries of denim as we know it, clearlymanifesting its vision for the future: Luxury denim for everyday wear. But with great passion, the brand also considers the iconic material as a fabric of infinit possibilities. With innovation, sustainability and creativity, G-STAR RAW strives to shape the next generation of denim. This season, elaborate designs are showcased within the collection themes, expressed without restraint whilst employing the G-Star DNA in its purest, most extrovert form.

The recent collection presents a selection of pieces that can be imbedded into a variety of styles – first inspired by the Dakar Rally the “Exclusives by G-Star RAW” collection showcases a range of new, high-end specials with features mimicking those of the hard-wearing “Enduro” equipment, developed solely for the demanding racing environment.

Fun Fact: The Dakar Rally is a rally-raid competition that is considered the most important long distance and desert rally in the world. It was held once a year from 1978 to 2007, mainly on the African continent – translated into design this means the collection provides longevity and durability with a nonchalant and wearable denim-twist. The desert-inspired colour palette includes soft pastels, with lighter hues of green and pink – ideal for spring season.

The Collection focuses on classics from the archives, which with particularly high-quality fabrics and timeless cuts earn the status of brand-favorites. The bold and complex garments each include surprising elements such as reversibile features and unusual silhouettes, coinciding with an ease of wearability. In addition, the capsule emphasizes the true G-Star DNA. The pieces show an experimental approach to denim-focused garments, creating elevated and refined styles with a considered, conceptual turn.

G-Star emphasizes: each piece in the collection has its own story – all inspired by the G-Star design archive. Superior construction techniques fuse with premium fabrics like 100 percent chambray linen and Japanese ecru selvedge denim. In short, Exclusives by G-Star Raw is designed to transcend standards and bring innovation as well as novelty to every stitch, seam and rivet. Proof of this are especially the collection highlights:

For example, one of the keypieces of the “Exclusives” is an oversized coat made of Japanese selvedge denim inspired by British military uniforms of the 1930s. To give the look a bit more modernity, a second layer of flowing linen was added alongside a large patch pocket on the chest to contrast with the solid outer material. Meaning: A playful use of color and exaggerated proportion meet complex layerings of tactile materials and dramatic silhouettes.

True to the motto form follows function: Superior construction techniques, premium fabrics and hybrid design features aim to encapsulate the story behind each piece in the collection. Japanese denim, embroidered artwork and contrasting colours add personality to each unique garment. Thoughtfully designed to exceed standards, the “Exclusives by G-Star RAW” collection brings reinvention and innovation to every stitch, seam and rivet, creating timeless icons.

The Exclusives by G-Star RAW collection will be available in select stores and online at as of the 17th of February 2022.

Graphic/Artwork by: Maria Tatar