Winter Fashion Inspiration: Curated Selection for Your Perfect Wardrobe


Winter is here again, which means it’s time to organize your wardrobe. Uniqlo’s Ultra Light Down jackets are a must-have, effortlessly transforming any jacket into a winter-ready piece when layered properly. However, starting from scratch can be more enjoyable and satisfying.


Let’s begin with headwear. Knit beanies have gained popularity, especially during the Covid era when everyone started knitting. Supreme’s range of knit beanies deserves the “beanie of the year” award. While the Gradient Crotchet Beanie has already sold out, keep an eye out for the funky Space-Dye Beanie in yellow and purple.

Earflaps are a trend in 2022, with brands like Supreme, Palace, and others incorporating them into their seasonal collections. For the hottest winter headwear, check out Heresy, known for its mastery in this area. The Pill Beanie resembles a traditional Central and South Asian karakul hat, the Groundsman Cap features prominent ear flaps, and the Lunisolar Beanie boasts mystical graphics and a cuff-less design, capturing the essence of 2022.

This year, beanies offer endless playful options. Brands like Sci-Fi Fantasy, Always Do What You Should Do, and Dime have got you covered. For the best value, go for the Always Reversible Cuff Beanie, giving you two beanies for the price of one.


Fleece season started in fall, and there’s still a plethora of brands releasing amazing fleeces. Thisisneverthat offers a stylish tonal cheetah print fleece, while Obey’s Romie Fleece features a pattern reminiscent of flowers and the potato-based stamps we all made in grade school. These options are a definite hit.

Braindead’s Mesherpa Zip Jacket comes in a warm nutmeg color with contrasting mesh pockets and paneling. Similar to Obey’s fleece, this jacket sports a more sophisticated collar, striking a balance between youthful and grown-up style.


When it comes to combating the cold, nothing beats a puffer jacket. The North Face’s Nuptse is the go-to choice for many, but let’s explore some unique spins on this classic style.

Dime rarely disappoints, and their Sherpa Puffer Jacket is a classic design featuring wavy custom quilting and fleece, offering the best of both worlds. Stüssy’s Recycled Nylon Down Puffer is a simple yet captivating option with minimal logo embroidery and a dyed blue color that resembles a winter night sky while keeping you warm like a spring day.

Heresy, already mentioned earlier, excels not only in accessories but also in jackets. Their Moss Puffer introduces a captivating and mysterious wood-inspired spin on camouflage, making it one of the most intriguing graphic jackets of the season.

While I never had much interest in Italian Y2K brands like Diesel, their Ralle Jacket stands out for its sheer craziness. Everyone needs at least one wildly unique jacket in their closet. Liberaiders, a Japanese brand inspired by military, travel, rock ‘n’ roll, and photography, is another favorite of mine. The Level 8 Tactical Down Jacket is an excellent introduction to the brand and looks suitable for an exhibition in Siberia or a trip to the moon.

Arys, based in Berlin, excels in producing outerwear that doesn’t rely on flashiness to convince you to buy a new jacket each season. Their Paramount Parka is a standout piece, advertised as “the last coat you may ever purchase.” It’s water-repellent, windproof, breathable, and simply stunning.

Speaking of coats, keep an eye out for Supreme’s Fur Collar Car Coat, not yet released. Stay updated by following your favorite “what’s dropping on Supreme this week” Instagram accounts to ensure you don’t miss it. It’s already earned the nickname “Kramer Coat” among Supreme enthusiasts, as it could easily be found in the prop department of a Seinfeld taping. If you’re a fan of fur collars, Alpha Industries’ B3 Faux Fur is a timeless and classy choice. This sheep coat is cruelty-free and always a reliable option. Lastly, the Belted Mac Coat by Ami is a surefire choice for a good and classy look.

With so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose your new winter wardrobe. If you feel swamped, remember that last season’s items can still work, and overbuying isn’t always the solution. However, if you enjoy stepping out in a fresh ensemble each season, this guide has hopefully provided you with inspiration to revamp your winter wardrobe.