DYI: How To Make Facemasks (and we don’t mean the ones with avocado and honey)

Amidst the corona crisis and the rising amount of people all over the world staying at home, we are faced with problems we’ve never faced before. Not only is there not enough toilet paper in the supermarkets, but healthcare systems across the world are struggling to keep up with this unprecedented crisis and are currently vastly understocked on the facemasks that medical professionals need to perform their job safely.

While wearing a face mask does not completely guarantee that you won’t get sick – the virus can also transmit through the eyes and tiny particles, known as aerosols, can still penetrate that mask – the mask is still effective at capturing droplets, which is the main way the coronavirus gets transmitted. Studies have shown that the chance of getting the virus is five times lower when you wear a mask, but this commodity is running low.

With COVID-19 being the fastest spreading virus ever, the surge in demand for medical-grade textiles has manufacturerers struggling to keep up. To combat this problem, big names in the fashion industry such as Prada, Kering, and LVHM, the luxury goods conglomerate and owner of brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dior, have started using their factories to produce face masks for medical professionals. Even without a factory, you can do the same.

We all can contribute to helping in this case and since we know you guys are probably bored at home and have a lot of time on your hands, we created a little tutorial together with Elizabeth Bello, owner of Try Again Shop on Depop, so you can make your own DIY facemasks for yourself and your family.

In these trying times it’s important to keep your community safe. You can also donate masks to your local hospitals and make as many as you can for family and friends. Good luck and stay safe #flattenthecurve