Harmonizing Life and Lyrics: A Deep Dive with Musician Cian Ducrot

Two years have passed since we last sat down with Cian Ducrot, a rising star in the music industry whose meteoric ascent continues to captivate fans worldwide. In that time, life has been a whirlwind of change, yet Ducrot remains remarkably grounded and true to himself.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the transformation that fame has brought, explore the essence of his music, and uncover the stories behind some of his most heartfelt tracks. Can Ducrot’s latest album, which has been making waves, serve as a canvas for emotions that resonate deeply with listeners?

With a career that thrives on authenticity and vulnerability, his music finds a place in the hearts of many, often touching on the bittersweet nuances of life. We discuss the enigmatic connection between his music and melancholy and the power of unfiltered honesty in songwriting.

As we dive into the world of Cian Ducrot, we discover the artist behind the music, his quest for self-discovery through his art, and his optimistic outlook on what the future holds. 

You already sat down with Title over two years ago – how has life been treating you in the meantime? 
Better than ever, everything I’ve ever dreamt of suddenly has shown up and it’s like a whole new life that I’m falling more in love with every day! 

What has changed and what has stayed the same – maybe even to your surprise? 
Hmm I mean I don’t think I have changed, and the way I see myself hasn’t. I definitely have to go about my daily life a lot differently now because the way other people treat me has changed but that doesn’t bother me too much, only sometimes haha but it’s balanced out by how grateful I am. I get to tour the world and people fill the rooms and I get to play full tents and stages at festivals and that is the greatest change in my life I could ask for! Adapting to “fame” is definitely a strange thing because you never feel like you’re famous but others just treat you like you are.

It’s a pretty standard question, but one that belongs in any music interview: What attracts you most to the art of making music? 
It’s an amazing way to get in touch with your emotions and to feel deeply and to process but also to help others experience that too through your music! 

By the way: Congrats on your album – the last few weeks and months must have been a really eventful time. Can you tell us about a few of your tracks; their titles and what they’re about?“Victory” is the title track and is a song that sums up a lot of the emotion of the album, it’s rooted in my childhood stories with my father and family but also brings it back to where I am today. It talks about letting go and moving on from someone you hope will come back and be there for you when you know they won’t and it will only hurt you in the end over and over. “Thank god you stayed” this the closer of the album and just felt right, it’s kind of a message in the album to thank the listener for being here but also out of context of the album is a song for my amazing girlfriend who has stuck by me through everything these last few years and been there reminding me every step of the way the love she has for me and to take everything in and to enjoy it all. True love sticks through everything and that became evident to me and I had to write a song about it! In the middle there’s a song called “stepdad” I felt like this shifted the sonic a bit and threw something different into the mix for people, it’s a topic not much spoken about and is a really important song to me because it’s one that says many things I’ve never ever said before to anyone including my stepdad.

Which song means the most to you and why?
I don’t think I can choose one if I’m honest almost every song holds a very personal deep meaning and that was the intention of the album

Would you change something about your album if you had the chance? 
I don’t think so. I’m very happy and proud of it.

Your songs feel incredibly intimate and vulnerable and often like something we have all experienced in some way. However, one can’t help but feel a little sad (as beautiful as the songs are). What is your relationship to sadness and melancholy? 
I actually am a super happy, positive person. I spend most of my time feeling incredibly happy and grateful so it’s interesting that my music is so emotional but it’s probably just an outlet. I think I love making music that moves people so that’s why it ends up being so emotive and maybe sad at times.

How does it feel for you that your songs probably make it into many “sad songs” playlists? But feel free to correct me if that is not the case.  
I think that’s great! Sad music is the best for getting you into your feels and processing emotions! 

There is also this notion of honesty in your music that really sticks with you when you listen to it. Would you say that being “brutally honest” (maybe even with yourself) is the secret sauce of good music? 
I’m not sure to be honest what the secret sauce is, I’m not an expert I just write what feels right and honest to me and that’s all I can do! I love to make real music that comes from raw emotions so it’s just what I do best that way!

If hard-hitting honesty is the key to good music, it also means that as an artist you have to deal with yourself all the time. Do you ever reach your limits and when was the last time you learned something about yourself through your art? 
Doesn’t everyone have to deal with themselves all the time? Haha.. I think I learn something new every time I write a song but it’s more about what’s on my mind or what’s bothering than how I am as a human deep down. that I’m still figuring out haha 

I expect to hear a lot more from you. Especially on a musical level. And maybe we’ll talk again in two years: What do you think will happen in the next two years? 
Wow I don’t know! Hopefully some great things! Bigger shows and more music! Pick up a few more haters on the way too 😂 maybe see a lot more of the world and who knows I think I have big big ambitions so we will see!