Cacien Garlica Princess: All About Music, Bright Colours and 3D Videos

This interview was featured in our most recent issue, TITLE(D) #6: The Global Passport.

Cacien AKA Garlica Princess is a musician who lives between China and US. and delivers pop music, tuned to hip-hop, RnB, and jazz. With her bright, ecclectic style and 3D music videos, Cacien has acquired a great online fandom. Meet her here.

Personal Information

If you could rename yourself, what would it be?
Still Garlica Princess. 

What would your avatar look like?
Pink, cute, dreamy. 

What’s your launching date?

What’s your emotional age?

What’s your spirit animal?

Where is home?
The universe.

Travel Information

What’s the place where you feel like you can be you?

What has informed the direction of your path?

What was the last border you crossed?
Jeju island. 

How and where have you been stamped?
Norway, France, Czech, Europe mostly, Jeju island, Thailand, the U.S., Australia.

Personal Journey Information

How and where does your privilege manifest?
I feel privileged to receive the love I do through my closest friends every time I talk to them… and through music of course.

How do you connect?
I connect with others through music, videos, meditation, and food.

What food warms your soul, or reminds you of home?
Spicy and garlicky food. 

Can you name a happy accident you’ve had?

*Header: post via Red Eye World