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You have finally discovered that the seemingly infinite content of Netflix is in fact finite? The content well of Amazon Prime has been completely drained by you? Don’t despair! We will shower you with incredibly entertaining and remarkably absurd content to satisfy your binging needs:

Have you ever felt the strange occurrence of unplanned fortunate discovery and asked yourself “How could I have ever lived without this?” – the technical term for this occurrence is “Serendipity” and you will experience serendipity every minute at Open Culture. 

Open Culture is the world’s largest source for free cultural and educational media on the web – and what may sound quite boring is in fact a treasure trove full of unexpected pleasures. For example Open Culture features “Cannibal: The Musical”, the very first feature film from the makers of South Park. And as the title already implies it is in fact a musical about cannibals and full of blacker-than-black humour and a lesson in tastelessness (with some very catchy tunes!). 

We already introduced you to the miracles from Studio Ghibli and Open Culture provides you with a 4-part-documentary about the mastermind behind masterpieces like “Spirited Away”, “Princes Mononoke” or “ My Neighbor Totoro”.

With more than 1,300 free online courses, over 1,150 movies and 700 free audio books, 800 free ebooks, 300 free language lessons there’s more material than even the most inquisitive mind can digest. There are also over 1,100 free courses which can earn you an official certificate – how about learning about “Luxury Management – Understanding the power of a luxury brand and gain the business skills to provide premium goods and services” during Covid-19? Or “Fashion’s Future: The Sustainable Development Goals”?


These are just a few examples of the broad variety on Open Culture and we would take any bet that even your most eccentric interests would be covered by content on Open Culture. And the biggest asset is still the exhilarating moment when you find something you didn’t even know exists – but now you can’t think about anything else. Like the masterclass of one of the greatest directors alive, the 89 years old Jean -Luc Godard who tells you everything he knows about filmmaking. Or the hilarious story of David Bowie and his ambitions (and failure) to launch his own internet service provider – in 1998. You will never run out of brainfood and anedcotes with OpenCulture, so what are you waiting for? Check it out now and comment with your best finds later!