TITLE presents: Nike Air Max Pulse and the “Pulse of the Youth”

TITLE has recently collaborated with Nike to introduce three talented artists from Berlin who created their own interpretation of the “Pulse of the Youth”, inspired by the Air Max Pulse.

The three women who worked on this project are proud to collaborate with Nike and introduce their latest interpretation of the NIKE Air Max Pulse. At the core of this collaboration lies the spirit of young, free, expressive, unfiltered, and unafraid women that embody the “Pulse of the Youth” which was inspired by the Air Max spirit.

Nike, as a champion for sports and athletes, is a brand that always pushes boundaries to accelerate a culture of innovation to shape the future of sport and culture. This fusion of sports, art, science creates magic, and symbolizes progress and the pursuit of the impossible.

This ethos also had a huge influence on our Berlin-based protagonists and selection as collaboration partnes, as they truly represent this spirit. We aim to create stories that truly capture the essence of this movement. Designers, musicians, artists, and individuals who love to challenge boundaries and break molds, are part of what TITLE is today. Together with Nike, we want to share a platform to create a safe and inspiring space that highlights the power of female collaboration.

Valentina Vapaux, a poet and writer, Nina, a digital artist and fashion designer, and Nessie, a stylist and creative director, each brought their unique vision to the project.

Valentina’s poem, inspired by the pulse of the mind, blended seamlessly with the overall theme of the project, the pulse of youth. “I start with a topic or story that I want to tell and that’s something I can create in the first place. And then I have a starting point: an emotion, a feeling, a visual imagery.” she says

The structure of her poetry is very abstract, and she described her writing style as “mind-jumping.”

Valentina, if you could describe your art in one word, what would it be?

“Valentina Core”

What message do you hope to convey through your piece?

“What was also special about this project is that we were three young women collaborating on something together and I just know that through working together we really created something unique. I hope we can normalize togetherness and support each other.”

Nina’s artwork, which she described as organic, focused on the futuristic feeling of youth culture. Her inspiration for the piece came from the feeling of excitement and the rush of adrenaline.

”For the artwork I created, I first thought about the words that came to my mind when I looked at the Air Max Pulse: the bubble, air and just this feeling of floating through space and having this really futuristic artwork in mind.“
Nina sketched various ideas before creating a combination of two ideas and sculpting the final product.

What was your inspiration behind the pieces you created?

“For the piece I created, I focused on visualizing this feeling of youth culture and of this futuristic city, and just the feeling of getting this rush of excitement. For me this piece really visualizes this super positive feeling that youth culture is bringing — especially in Berlin — where you really feel this joy, rush and thrill, and just being happy to live life and being creative.”

Nessie, who worked as the creative director for the project, described her artistic style as hectic. She sought to represent the pulse of the city, the pulse of the future, and the pulse of the mind. Nessie’s goal was to find the right individuals and the right brains for the project, with a focus on the matching the values and spirit Nike and Title Magazine stands for.

What message do you hope to convey through your piece?

“The process is actually the goal.”

How does your piece connect with your personal artistic style and approach?

“My personal style from my own projects is usually staying true to the identity of the personas I’m representing and that’s exactly what I also did here. For me it’s important while doing a collaboration with different artists that everybody also stays true to themselves. I keep that as the highest priority. “

What was your favorite part of working on this project?

“Being a Berliner I feel like it’s very exciting for me to find the right stories to share about the city. It’s always a nice, exciting process to reshape and re patch Berlin.”

All three artists emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself, even when collaborating with other artists. They shared a common goal of representing the youth culture and energy of Berlin, a city that is close to their hearts.

The project was a celebration of youth culture, creativity, and collaboration. The artists worked together to create something unique, with each person bringing their unique vision to the table. The pulse of youth was represented in various forms, from Valentina’s abstract poetry to Nina’s futuristic 3D art and Nessie’s creative direction to represent the Pulse of the City.

Overall, the project was a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of staying true to oneself. These artists, each with their unique styles, created something truly special, and their passion for art and creativity shone through in every aspect of the project.

Pulse of the Youth
What if we are all kinds of cities
pulsating, full of vibrance and grandeur
Singular houses and tiny people
who dance beneath our skin.

Are we small towns,
or large metropolises
brim filled with hope
Imagine us twirling through blue chunks of sky
Tiptoeing over soap bubbles

Of course we are young with a rush of excitement
about digital trees we have yet to climb
they are slender intricate ropes
water and bubbles running in red
climbing up up up the neurons
towards a silver horizon

Where the pulse of the city, the future, the mind
become an otherworldly idea

by Valentina Vapaux