Let’s showcase the Black designers Beyoncé wore in “Black is King”

“Let Black be synonymous with glory” is just one of the many glorious quotes from Beyoncé’s full length film “Black is King” that’s out now on Disney+ and serves as a visual accompaniment to “The Lion King: The Gift”, her album from 2019.

During her (virtual) promo tour for the movie Beyoncé wrote on her Instagram:

“The events of 2020 have made the film’s vision and message even more relevant, as people across the world embark on a historic journey. We are all in search of safety and light. Many of us want change.

I believe that when Black people tell our own stories, we can shift the axis of the world and tell our REAL history of generational wealth and richness of soul that are not told in our history books. I pray that everyone sees the beauty and resilience of our people.”

With “Black is King”, Beyoncé features a lot of incredibly talented designers which incorporate all the richness from Black history and African tradition into their fashion, infused with a contemporary twist – more than enough reason to deep dive into their Instagram game:

5:31 Jérôme

Ever wondered what a fusion of Glamour and Street Style with Nigerian influences would look like? 5:31 Jérôme got you covered:

Déviant La Vie

Inspired by bondage aesthetics – or “custom rope couture”, as they call their style by themselves – Déviant La Vie’s design is definitely one of the highlights of “Black is King”:

Tanaya Henry

Tanaya Henry designed a custom crystal cape and dress and showcased the amount of effort and attention to detail on her twitter channel:


D.Bleu.Dazzled already belongs to the Beyoncé family: They’ve worked together for Beyoncé’s Formation tour and her outfits for Gucci, Dapper Dan, Cardi B or Lady Gaga already brought in some instafame – but now the real queen chose her outfits:


From Project Runway Season 17 directly to Beyoncé’s full-length film – there are worse ways to kickstart a career!

Duckie Confetti

We saved the designer with the most awesome name for the end – and his pajama design was available to purchase on Beyoncé’s website (but sold out faster than you could spell Beyconcé):

Oh, and before we forget it: Of course Beyoncé wore Burberry and Valentino as well. But you probably know their Instagram accounts already.