End of summer realizations: We lost our youth

Summer passed by like a dream. Barbecues, campfires, days by the lake, flowy dresses and platform sandals. Laughter, dreams, romance. It was like we celebrated the (temporary) victory over Covid-19. 

It’s the end of summer: the start of fall. The leaves are turning orange and yellow. The Covid-19 numbers are increasing worldwide. And also, again in Austria, where I’m sitting right now and thinking about what a mess this world is. I’m young and still kind of hopeful that my Generation (Z) can save this world. We got the spirit, right? But it seems like the whole world is turning against us. They are attacking us, because the age group from 18-25 have an increasing number of Covid-19 cases. Authorities, Politicians and also some journalists forgot what we had to sacrifice: our youth. Because suddenly we had so much responsibility towards the sick and elderly that many of us got seriously sick (mentally). I understand the system of social-distancing and the idea behind it. I know that it’s necessary. Still, sometimes during the first big lockdown in Austria around April I wanted to scream and shout and just say “F*ck it! I’m over this!”. 

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The Modern Lovers by: Kari Lilt @karililt

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Every day I see so many people running around without the required Mouth-Nose-Protection and almost always all of them are well over 40. All these Karens pointing their fingers in our direction and telling us how we are destroying the world and endangering the elderly and sick. Guess what Karen? We know the problem. We analysed it and we are responding to it. The piercings and tattoos might look like we are anarchists but actually we are quite nice and open once you get to know us. 

We are already heading towards a rather dark and hopeless future, let us for once just be kids and young and reckless. I know it’s a dream of mine and I know that it won’t come true just because I wish for it when I blow out the birthday candles on my cake. We are realists, disillusioned and robbed from every bit of completely unrealistic hope. 

Start the engine, Doc! 

Could you all just do us a favor please, so that we only have to challenge global warming, the unfair world of capitalism and our increasing sadness and hopelessness? Please, just imply a basic hygiene-routine in your day to day lives, wear a mask and please stop believing everything that’s written on the Internet. I don’t think Bill Gates is an alien. I also don’t believe that Covid-19 is spread over 5G towers or that the virus was intended to be a biochemical weapon created by China to take over the world. I mean, they didn’t need a global pandemic to do that (economically). Use your brain and think. And if the world makes you sad, you are probably on the right path of questioning your own society and the world’s biggest leaders and their choices. Because right now we are failing in every aspect: people are dying, refugees are (still) treated worse than animals on EU borders, the rainforest is disappearing, the world is on fire and Trump thinks Austrians live in forests. (No, we don’t). Maybe I stranded in some kind of parallel universe. Wait, maybe Bill Gates could really be an alien? If I found Doc and his time machine, I could have a chance to hop back to the future. We could still have one in another universe. Imagine a world where everyone lives in peace and the human being values and loves mother nature…

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Woman reading book with orange by: Georgy Kurasov

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We might have lost our youth, our future, but at least we got a pretty darn good fantasy! 

Girl, you can’t have it all!