Athlete A Documentary Exposes Shocking Abuse in USA Gymnastics Squad

“Athlete A” shows you the ugly face of a system that wants winners at any cost

Introducing “Athlete A,” Netflix’s groundbreaking documentary that sheds light on the harrowing history of abuse within the USA Gymnastics Squad. This eye-opening film delves into the disturbing culture that enabled a predatory pederast to systematically victimize aspiring athletes. What truly shocks audiences is the subsequent cover-up that persisted despite the brave journalists at the Indianapolis Star uncovering these allegations.

Through their meticulous investigations, these journalists revealed a pervasive pattern of physical and sexual abuse. Young athletes were forced to endure grueling training regimes of 35 hours or more per week, often while nursing fractured backs or broken toes. Seeking medical assistance only deepened the nightmare, as the team’s doctor, Nassar, cunningly disguised himself as a trusted friend to the athletes. Behind his smiling facade, however, lurked a predator who repeatedly preyed upon these vulnerable children and teenagers. Nassar took advantage of the systemic flaws that facilitated his access to these young athletes. For over two decades, this reign of terror persisted, as institutional failures protected him instead of his survivors.

But these survivors refuse to be labeled as victims. They courageously reclaim their narratives in “Athlete A,” illustrating their unwavering strength. Their resilience is truly inspiring, as they bravely stepped forward to ensure that Dr. Larry Nassar faced the consequences of his actions. Currently serving a 360-year prison sentence and convicted on 10 counts of assault, Nassar’s story takes a backseat in this documentary. Instead, the focus is placed on the remarkable women who survived his abuse. Netflix grants them a platform to share their stories and reclaim their identities as whole human beings, with dreams and aspirations that extend beyond their devastating experiences.

Regrettably, this documentary does not offer a neat resolution, as the story is far from over. The number of survivors who have come forward with their individual stories has continued to grow, with over 250 women currently speaking out against Nassar.

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